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Deerwoode Reserve

Deerwoode Lodge & Cabins has new owners and new name

Brevard, N.C. – Big changes are happening at Deerwoode Lodge & Cabins. Previous owners  Bill and Elizabeth Mayes are passing on their legacy to new owners Scott and Dionne Hodgson, who have renamed the property Deerwoode Reserve and have big plans for renovations.  

The Mayeses have been the owners since 1966 when they moved to North Carolina from Texas.

“We have been the caretakers of this beautiful piece of WNC all these years, but we are happy now to turn it over to Scott and Dionne to take it to its next phase,” Bill said. “We are ready to step back and take a much deserved rest. We wish them the very best in the years to come.”

The Hodgsons are from Lakeland, Fla. and previously owned Lakeland Liquidation, a flooring and cabinetry retail store. After selling the store in December 2020, they decided to make their long-time dream of moving to North Carolina a reality. 

“We weren’t sure at that time what we would do next, but we tossed around the idea of a campground or vacation rentals. Luckily, we found this property towards the end of last year, just a few months before closing on our business, and now we have a plan,” said Dionne. 

According to Scott, discovering and purchasing Deerwoode Lodge & Cabins was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

“We realized this was no ordinary property,” Scott said. “What an opportunity Mr. Mayes was giving me and my family, for allowing us to take the reins from him. The responsibility is huge. We are not only ready for this challenge, but we are honored to be a part of this property’s long, long history. My job will not be to just own another business. My job will be to protect this natural beauty and get it ready for the next lucky soul that realizes the privilege of this truly unique opportunity.”

Deerwoode Lodge & Cabins has been around since 1923 and was formerly called Deerwoode Camp for Boys. The Mayes purchased the property in 1966 and successfully operated the camp for many years.  More recently, the Mayes turned the cabins into short-term vacation rentals called Deerwoode Lodge and Cabins. The facility has been closed to guests for over a year for various reasons, including the COVID-19 pandemic.  

The Hodgsons have renamed the property Deerwoode Reserve and envision it to be the ultimate family vacation for nature lovers. They have already re-opened the property and reservations are now being accepted. New cabins will be added as they become available. The Hodgsons are rehabbing all of the cabins and some will be completely renovated to “bring new life” to the property. They plan to add modern comfort to the rustic accommodations, while preserving the original feel that the Mayes family worked hard to achieve. 

Along with refreshing the cabins, the Hodgsons plan to transform an old gym into “The Mayes Event Center”, named for the previous owners. An open-air covered pavilion with an outdoor fireplace will be attached to the event center. A grand front entrance with a circle drive will welcome guests, and inside, along with an office, will be an area showcasing the history of the property.

“Our philosophy is to preserve the natural beauty of Deerwoode Reserve, allowing for family bonding, outdoor recreation and educational opportunities,” Scott and Dionne said. “The property is part of a conservation easement, and we will continue to follow the guidelines to preserve the land and share the benefits of conservation land.”

The Hodgsons will move to North Carolina to run the business full-time in June with their three daughters, Jasmine, Abbey and Samantha. Scott’s brother Tim Hodgson, his wife Jessica, and their two boys Tyler and Will are joining the Hodgsons on their new business venture. They will assist with running the business.

Residential Property Management & Sales LLC will manage the Deerwoode Reserve property, initially, while the Hodgsons remodel and build the foundation for the business.

“Residential Property Management is honored to be representing the cabins at Deerwoode Reserve in our Vacation Rental Program and expect great things,” said Residential Property Management & Sales LLC Owner Isaac Allen.

Beverly-Hanks & Associates Realtors Vice President and Managing Broker Jeremy Owen assisted the Hodgsons with purchasing Deerwoode Lodge and Cabins.

“Deerwoode is truly one of the most special properties in our area with a rich history and legacy,” Owen said. “The fact that Mr. and Mrs. Mayes will continue to be involved, along with Scott and Dionne bringing new energy and vision to Deerwoode Reserve, is a huge win for our community, Conserving Carolina, and all visitors.”  

Raymond Rainey, also of Beverly-Hanks & Associates Realtors, was the listing realtor on the transaction.  

“Deerwoode holds a special place in my heart as does the legendary Bill Mayes,” Rainey said. “I am so glad we all have the opportunity to witness the next chapter of Deerwoode, and if you’re lucky, you may catch Mr. Mayes around the property and hear one of his many stories he has to tell!” 

About Deerwoode Reserve

Deerwoode Reserve is the ultimate family vacation destination for nature lovers, offering studio, single-family, and multi-family rustic cabin accommodations. The peaceful setting with beautiful mountain scenery and rustic cabins, will allow for families to take a step back in time and enjoy just spending quality time together. 

Visitors will make lasting memories playing on the lakes, tubing down the river, hiking the mountain and pasture trails, and exploring all the areas within 175 acres of pristine conservation only two miles from Downtown Brevard. Coming soon, the property will feature The Mayes Event Center, perfect for weddings, receptions, family gatherings, business functions, and community events. 

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All cabins now available! Single cabin reservations can be booked up to 6 months in advance.