Giant Trees & Bamboo

Walking around Deerwoode is like stepping back in time. We have many huge, old growth trees here at Deerwoode and  4 very cool bamboo groves. Below, this 400 + year old White Oak is registered with the National Oak Society, it is 26 feet in circumference and has 3 steel cables holding its wishbone together. It was a land mark in the Civil War when the poor mountain boys would meet under the tree to sign up the the Confederate Army.

400 year old White Oak

Below, this 330 year old Tulip Poplar was the landmarker for the maildrop route hundreds of years ago. There is  a fresh water spring under this tree and the pony express would water their horses here. This may be the biggest Tulip Poplar in Brevard.


330 year Old Tulip Poplar

Below are the Three Sisters. Legend says that Judge Forsyth, who owned  over 500 acres in the river valley here at Deerwoode, planted these yellow pines. One for each of his 3 daughters that were born a year apart. They are huge, well over 200 years old.

3 sisters Yellow Pines

Below is the Honey Hole Beech Tree. We call this the Honey Hole Beech because it sits right on the French Broad River and we have had many guest catch Brown Trout at this fishing spot where there starts a slight turn in the river. Beech Trees grow very slowly, this one is well over 300 years old.

300 year Old Honey Hole Beech Tree

The Poplar Grove is a large section of Tulip Poplars we have growing down around the old barn and Big Lake. This grove is over 100 years old and the Big Sycamore behind the barn is over 200 years old. Walk through it, is is so peaceful.

Poplar Grove

  You don’t want to miss the Bamboo Forest. There is a walking trail going through it and the groove is over an acre in size. It is like being in an enchanted temple once you get in there. Make sure you see this when visiting Deerwoode.