Deerwoode Brevard NC
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Sustainability of our natural resources, conservation of land, water, air and animals are all important. See the results of 52 years of Green living. When visiting we welcome you to join us in supporting this lifestyle. Below is a list of our conservation efforts:

  • 80% of our 176 acres are in the Forestry Program, with over 30,000 trees planted.
  • 1 ¼ of French Broad River frontage in Conservation Easement Reserve Program.
  • Wildlife and Bird Sanctuarys for over 143 species of birds.
  • Beaver Pond Wetland at the Fishing Cabin. *10 water retention ponds, providing storm water management practices to help create new wildlife habitats and flood control.
  • Organic gardening, with 52 years of composting for organic soil enrichment.
  • Solar hot water for the past 30 years at the gym.
  • Passive solar heating of owners home, gym, game room, and Barn Cabin.
  • Metal roofed buildings (one metal roof = 4 to 5 petroleum-based roofs in a lifetime).
  • All cabins constructed with recycled materials, including 100 year old Hemlock and Heart Pine recycled from former camp buildings at Deerwoode (originally built in 1920).
  • One acre Bamboo plot. Bamboo planted in large plots can store four times the carbon dioxide of a standard stand of trees.
  • Recycle containers of all materials: glass, metals, aluminum, plastic, paper and composting of food scraps.
  • Sun-dried linens- All organic laundry Detergent 

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269 Riversedge Road
Brevard NC 28712